Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hidden jokes in movies

So my husband and I watch A LOT of movies. 

About a week ago, we watched "Tommy Boy" for the 15th or so time.  Remember, this is the one with Chris Farley (R.I.P.), David Spade and Dan Aykroyd.  It is based in Sandusky, Ohio and is based around auto parts manufacturers, Callahan Auto Parts and Zalinsky Auto Parts.

Two nights ago we were watching "50 First Dates", (again for who knows who many times) with Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler and Dan Aykroyd.  When "Lucy" (played by Barrymore) realizes that she has brain damage as a result of an auto accident, her family takes her to see her doctor. The doctor, played by Aykroyd, explains that the state of the art rehab facility is fully funded by, T.B. CALLAHAN out of SANDUSKY, OHIO!!!!  

I think it is hilarious when they do this kind of cross reference thing in movies, and even better when I get the joke!

Look for it next time you watch it.

UPDATE >>> I was just searching for this topic on the web, and apparently, several other people made this same connection several years ago.  Oh well, I still got a great laugh at it.

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