Monday, March 28, 2011

Canning Jar Hanging Lights

Recently, our local Bob Evans Restaurant has remodeled the dinning rooms to give it a more airy, country feel.  Over the bar/counter seating, they have the neatest hanging lights and the shades are made out of canning jars.  I LOVE the old blue canning jars.  I have several of them and almost always buy them if I come across them at antique stores, flea markets or garage sales.  Here are a few of my blue jars. . .

There's one in my sewing room. 
(Yes, I like the Twilight series.  The books are much better than the movies in my opinion, but I'll save that debate for another post.)

In my son's room.  He has marbles in his.

And with bamboo growing in one.

I have more tucked away that I'll often use as a vase for fresh flowers in the spring and summer.

We are remodeling our kitchen and I think I may buy some canning jar hanging lights to put over the bar.  I have been searching the web and so far, I think I like these from Lamp Goods on Etsy the best.  Plus, they are handmade! How much better can it get?

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